Calm in chaos

Every morning, when we wake up there are a list of interminable activities to be completed. Half of these look ultra-urgent. The cycle keeps repeating and sometimes we end up wondering – “Is this ever going to end in a tiny bit of calm”.

The struggles of daily life are at times made worst by another human being(s) and/or money matters. How to find calm in such chaos? We think these are some things that will help:

Find your calming mantra

Our favourite is Рstepping out of the situation mentally and find an allegory in a comics we read or a movie we saw!!! More often than not the event ends up becoming humorous rather than challenging.  Some enjoy listening to music, dancing, sleeping, running or eating.

Find your support group

We believe it is better to find three people as your support group. Less than three and you end up risking becoming a nagging person and more than three is usually not manageable. Also remember to be available for them when they need you.

Count your blessings

We count our troubles more often than counting our blessings. Counting your blessings and remembering how far you have come till now is a great way to de-stress and find your calm.

Invest in yourself

Once you start investing in yourself, the stress finds you less attractive. By investing, we mean – invest in your physical and mental self. Looking your best on a bad day takes away its impact by whooping 40% plus you never give others a satisfaction of your bad day.Investing in your mental self protects you from the vagaries of your moods.

Stay Silent

Once a day, find sometime to stay silent. Even if you start with a minute, this should be absolutely silent time of your life and the focus needs to be on you!!!

Hope these help in finding your place of calm in the chaos around you.

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