Festivals and Romance

We celebrate innumerable festivals. Some of these are at a very high scale. I had the pleasure of being part of one such festival – Ganpati Visarjan. Back in my hometown, we never had Ganpati Visarjan at this scale and used to hear about it often from my Mumbaiya friends.

The visarjan yatra took two hours and the interesting part was the style of celebration was all too familiar. The mind started wondering – why the coy families enjoy their kids and families dancing on the streets when the same dancing and having fun in name of pure fun would be frowned upon? Mind it, I enjoy having fun for the sake of it but fun for the sake of it has somehow degenerated into an evil affair.

Thanks to our Gods, all of us can dance merrily on the streets without worrying about anyone making a judgment call!!!

The another interesting thing was young romance popping up in middle of everyone. Oblivious of the world around them, the teenagers were busy enjoying the first blush of romance. The stolen glances, the chance to dance with their crush. In the midst of it all was a section of people who fervently kept chanting “Ganpati Bappa Mourya, Mangal Murti Mourya”.

The two hours of melee ended in immersing the idol in water and the people returned home making promises for even more fun in next festival!!!

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