Its about Money, Honey!!!

I led a retail banking branch for almost two years and a half. These years revealed a murky truth – we women do not take care of our money or our family’s money.

Before you judge me, I am not talking about running a household efficiently and savings funds. I am talking about solid money management, dealing with papers, Planning for events and Handling portfolios.

To illustrate, I had a customer whose husband expired and she was unable to understand the basic documents required to take over the accounts. The discussion always veered around how she never had to look at “these things” while he was around.
Another one, depended totally on hubby dearest for directions on where to sign for a car loan.

It is not only about money. It is about having an ownership of your future and planning for one as per your aspirations.

Since then, it had been my mission to help women open their accounts and run their own money. In that duration, I could manage a select few in opening and running their own accounts and lockers. 

I am starting this series as my learnings of over a decade in Banking.

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