The hullabaloo around Minimalism

Minimalism seems to have taken the world by a storm. There are numerous blogs, pinterest pages, vloggers and even anetflix documentary on the subject. So what the big deal about minimalism is?

Minimalism as per google definition is a deliberate lack of decoration or adornment in style or design.

My personal definition is being happy with holding minimum required for sustenance.

Where does it apply?
It applies to all aspect of your life. Minimalism tends to take on every measure of your life.
Clothes, shoes, belongings and also to your work. My super smart colleague swears by looking at less and not more data to make decisions. The key is to look at relevant data. E.g. if you are deciding on the micro segment a product needs to be sold to – you don’t need 5 year data chart and 500 data points. The decision need to be based on max 10 data points and the rule of 10 has become a working norm for us.

The number is arbit and will differ from organisation to organisation and situation to situation. 

Isn’t it a fad and what are the benefits?
Maybe IT IS a fad but I believe this is one fad we needed for us to survive in long term. In past few decades, consumerism had a stranglehold on people and spread across countries. While some swear by therapeutic effects of shopping, it also lead to a constant pressure to keep up and the money never seemed enough. The social cost of consumerism is becoming life threatening as we have land-fills bursting at seams and have little or no place to dump the discarded stuff.

Trust that the above reason is loaded. On a personal front, I have found that I am less stressed and more agile after following the minimalist concept. My wardrobe was stuffed with clothes and yet I hardly had more than 5 that I used to wear regularly. Yet most mornings, I would “waste” some time in deciding what to wear ending up with mostly same clothes. Same went for a lot of other belongings.

All in, it is a concept which allows you to love and be content with what you have!!!​

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