Work Place Failures

How to deal with a disaster at Office!!!

So, YOU messed up big time and things are in total chaos. You have no idea how to clean it up and there is a lack of trust too.

It happens!!!

First step in cleaning up is to forgive yourself. As obvious as it sounds, some of us ruminate on the failure far too longer than required. Give yourself time till you clean up the mess to hold an opinion on what went wrong.

Identify the challenge at hand. Issue identification is the second most crucial activity – the easier ones are a list of issues unresolved, the trickier ones are the issues warped 10 layers down the issue presented. If you have doubts on issue identification accuracy – use your coterie – your Boss, Team, Stakeholders, Peers & Listen!!!

Gather the issues at one place and summarise. Preparing the summary gives you the extent of issue to be dealt with. Once you have the summary ready, bounce it off to the stakeholders.

Handle the issues & ask for support. More often than not, people support in resolving the issues. Be Genuine in asking for support and resolving the issues. Keep the stakeholders updated about progress and clarify issues as they come.

Take stock – Once the crisis is over understand how things could have been handled better. If you are in leadership position, update the processes and rules. If not, present the idea to management and get the corrections made. Thank everyone for the extended support.

Every crisis presents an opportunity to be a better person and better professional. In many cases, the situation is more in our head than on ground. Take one step at a time and remember most of us want the organisation and people in it to grow and prosper. Until Next Time!!!

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