Trekking – Learning from the Hills

For the last few months, I have used my weekends to go for trekking. Karnataka has some beautiful places to go for trekking. 

There are a few lessons that one gets to know on getting closer to nature and also on getting out of the closed spaces. Below are my lessons from the treks.

Best Workout

Your health is not only your waistline. It is also your ability to walk/climb without feeling like this is the end of the world. The best workout is going out in the unknown spaces. The thrill to explore a new space, not knowing the end. More often than not, whenever I pick a new workout, it soon ends up becoming a chore as my mind is more on finishing the 50-60minutes workout and less on enjoying the moment.

People Skills

You meet a whole new set of people and learn newer things. When you are navigating new terrain with a new set of people, esp the road less travelled, the environment pushes you to be together. While on a trek to Kodachadri, we were navigating a thin strip of a mountain among strong winds. The need to take care of each other and myself gave me a level of responsibility and comfort, I usually do not get in daily life.


Another great learning was team-work. During almost every trek there is at least one occasion where I give up and usually, one or other person helps boost morale. During one trek, I was carrying a backpack and while climbing a hill, it was becoming difficult. A fellow trekker who I met for the very first time, carried my backpack for almost the next 15 minutes. This helped me complete a practically impossible trek. Along the way, I learned the most important lesson in teamwork – it is not always Tit for Tat, sometimes help the other person without any gain and see the whole team win.

The GPS of life gets reset every time I step into the wilderness. The touch and feel of water, pure air, and natural noises help you re-realize the real KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) of life and that you really don’t need more to live. You need to live to have a life.

In the race to have more, I have slept more peacefully after a trek and with more basic facilities than I have at home.

To many more journeys,

Ruchi Jain

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