Valentine’s and lasting love

Last weekend, I visited Kolkata to participate in the celebration of 25th wedding anniversary of a friend.

The beautiful event led me to think over what leads to a happy and successful love life.

From what I’ve observed and perceived in others, I believe following are hygiene

  1. Letting other person grow at their pace. Both of you are going to grow into multiple personalities over time. Give the other one space to grow, even if at times they grow diaganolly different to their original self. Let them handle their growth, give inputs but don’t impose your opinion.
  2. Balancing being Frank and being considerate. I think this works everywhere but here the sensitivity to Frank but inconsiderate comment is too high.
  3. Be yourself. No point in hiding negative feelings for far too long. It come out in large hordes and make the other person feel “whaaaaat!! Why are we discussing 6months/2year back issue now?”
  4. No silent treatment. If you don’t want to talk, say you need time but silent treatment is an absolute no-no.
  5. Appreciate really. When you appreciate them, it comes out in your actions, words and they way you interact. Appreciate doesnt mean movie level flowers, drive, gifts; its simply acknowledging to yourself that you have a great partner.

These are my learnings 🙂

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